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Temporary is open every weekday as a free creative space for playing, working, socialising, or whatever else you'd like it to be. Come and visit!

On evenings & weekends we host special experiments, proposed and organised by YOU!
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01.03.2017 // news //

Beginning today (1 March 2017), Temporary finishes the Open Day experiment and changes to the new system: Open Time.

The difference is that while Open Day kept regular hours from Monday through Friday, Open Time is a fluid and ongoing session that is potentially open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. The idea is otherwise the same - come by, bring some things to work on, and in general use the space for whichever creative purposes you would like. You will still receive 10Ŧ each time you visit (you can check in once per day).

Getting to full 24/7 status will require some time - right now, Open Time will be open whenever someone is there to keep it open for other people. As we migrate towards full 24/7 activity, please check the website before coming to make sure we are open. The top of every page on this site will say very clearly whether Temporary is open or closed at this particular moment, so check before you head this way. Temporary will of course be open for all other scheduled experiments on the calendar.

If you'd like to make an appointment to visit for any reason - to work on your own projects, or just to meet other people and learn about what happens at Temporary - send an email to admin@temporary and we'll try to accomodate you.

04.09.2016 // news //
Img 4762

Temporary is located at Kolmas linja 7, in the courtyard, in the Kallio district of Helsinki.

Enter through the gate on Kolmas linja, where you see the yellow Temporary sign. Go up into the courtyard and head to the right, behind the bins. You'll see this sign above our door. The door should be open during Open Days and other experiments.

If the outer gate is closed -- ring our doorbell!

22.03.2017 // Proposals //

Medium maxresdefault

Proposed by Ava Grayson
Currently pledged: 100Ŧ
Will be reviewed for scheduling at next organisational meeting
In this experiment, I want to explore the possibilities of encouraging our non-human organisms to make their own noise and music through human intervention. Every participant who is interested should come with an idea of the organism they want to build their instrument for. We then discuss the...
10 Apr 2017 17:00 — 21:00 // Experiment #1.41.1 //

Medium electromechanicanatomies  tall

Are you going? RSVP!
1 person has RSVPd

'Electromechanic Anatomies' is a open lab-space which pushes participants to let their curiosity, imagination and ingenuity run wild through the process of dissecting appliances, electronics, toys and other objects in an attempt to make them better, modify their function or to make them more personalized. Through hardware hacking we can discover how things work, what they're made of and how anything can be hacked. During 'Electromechanic Anatomies' we will discuss what we...

1 — 31 Mar 2017 // Experiment # //

Medium opentime

Open Time is Temporary's regular ongoing experiment, in which Temporary is open as a free space for working, playing, meeting, and collaborating. We offer our tables, chairs and Internet connection (while supplies last!). Come and use the space as you please.

Open Time is potentially open at all times, but requires someone to actually be there. To check if the place is actually open, please check the Temporary website, which will always indicate whether or not the space is...

22.03.2017 // Experiment news //
Justin Tyler Tate writes...
The 'Dialetics of Space' website with all of the events that currently fall under its umbrella:
16.03.2017 // news //

After discussion at the meeting on Tuesday, it was agreed that the base cost for experiments will now be 100Ŧ. Subsequent recurrences will still receive a 10% discount from the previous session (so 90Ŧ, 81Ŧ, etc.) and already-ongoing experiments (not yet scheduled) will have their future sessions price increased appropriately.

Additionally, Open Time now only earns you 5Ŧ instead of 10Ŧ. This change was made because it was felt that Open Time was generating too many Ŧs that were not being spent on pledges (or room rentals).

The reason for these decisions was to try to keep a balance of activities at Temporary; as the calendar is beginning to fill on many evenings and weekends, time for experiment scheduling is obviously a more scarce resource. Also, there are currently over 10,000Ŧ in the system, spread out over 209 different people, though only 46 different users have ever pledged to support a proposal. It is hoped that some of the other 150+ users will be encouraged to support some of the experiments that they have been participating in, so we'll see if these new 'rates' will help.

Temporary's operating rules are open for discussion at the 'meeting' events. Once a week, usually on Tuesday night, an experiment is tagged as a 'meeting' in which these and other issues can be discussed. So far, these meetings have been non-hierarchical and decisions have been made by consensus. If you would like to shape the overall experiment that is Temporary itself, please participate!

12 Apr 2017 18:00 — 23:10 // Experiment #1.38.1 //

Medium gamedevelopmentmeeting

Are you going? RSVP!
1 person has RSVPd

Games are an important part of our well being; not only do we learn through playing but the activity refreshes us as we are engrossed in the temporal environment created by the game. Games are not just important to our health but they promote social engagement (IRL) in addition to encouraging divergent and critical thinking. 

Collectively, during the meeting, we will come together for the purpose of developing a game. We will look at the history of games, different types of games,...

1 — 6 Apr 2017 // Experiment # //

Medium opentime

Are you going? RSVP!

Open Time is Temporary's regular ongoing experiment, in which Temporary is open as a free space for working, playing, meeting, and collaborating. We offer our tables, chairs and Internet connection (while supplies last!). Come and use the space as you please.

Open Time is potentially open at all times, but requires someone to actually be there. To check if the place is actually open, please check the Temporary website, which will always indicate whether or not the space is...

6 — 22 Apr 2017 // Experiment #1.27.1 //
Medium upload image
Are you going? RSVP!
1 person has RSVPd

The Dialectics of Space is a temporary, fabricated environment that will occupy the entirety of Temporary's space. The installation will not just be a construction, but a functional and social space where the various zones are also utilised for relational events such as meals, workshops, meetings, etcetera where the space and the event inform each other for the creation of a imposing situation and a unusual or unique experience.

The installation will require a week of construction...

06.03.2017 // Proposals //

Medium co learning journey

Proposed by Justin Tyler Tate
Currently pledged: 49Ŧ
51Ŧ still needed
Attend this event with a pre-determined goal of what you would like to learn as well as materials and/or tools that you know or imagine will be necessary to the fulfillment of that goal. Together we will research our collective topics and work on our own in order to create a dynamic environment...
28.02.2017 // Proposals //
Proposed by hyksos
Currently pledged: 50Ŧ
50Ŧ still needed
SVAMP has been a long-running series of open sound/music improvisation workshops that have taken place in Helsinki (and Tallinn) sporadically for years. They have been organised by various entities, most recently by Äänen Lumo, and often featured a guest musician leading the group through...
11.03.2017 // news //

Temporary's calendar is filling up. There is a steady stream of proposals and experiments being scheduled each week, many of which are recurring. Yet there are (at the time of this writing) over 10000 Temps out there in your accounts, accumulating too quickly to be spent.

Therefore, we will soon raise the cost of an experiment to 100 or even 120Ŧ.

This will be discussed at the next Temporary meeting - which is this coming Tuesday, during or after Works in Progress: Luca Aci. There is a lot to be decided - how much to raise the cost by, when to make this change, and if existing ongoing experiments should be 'grandfathered' into the old rate, or should be adjusted dynamically to the new one.

If you would like to have some input into this process, please come to the meeting! There will be food and drink as well as Luca's presentation.

25 Apr 2017 19:00 — ??? // Experiment #1.32.3 //

Medium workplace early71200x686forweb

Are you going? RSVP!
2 people have RSVPd

This week Temporary's own Agnieszka Pokrywka and Andrew Paterson will present Pixelache's Ferment Lab, specifically its ongoing residency taking place in Strasbourg, France. Plus food, drink, fun, etc.

Works in Progress is a weekly Tuesday gathering that will be explicitly social in nature, meaning we close our laptops and share some food and drink. Each week (unless there is an already-scheduled Tuesday experiment), we'll try to find one person to tell us about...

2 Apr 2017 11:00 — 18:00 // Experiment #1.39 //

Medium 1480079203

We all have a myriad of skills at our disposal but unfortunately we do not all possess the same skills.

WOrkshop POtluck (WoPo) looks to reformat the idea and structure of a workshop from being a hierarchical model into a dialogical system of learning where each participant acts as both teacher and student. After participants have been registered, a workshop schedule will be made so that each participant is given a necessary amount of time to teach their proposed aptitude. During the WoPo...

8 Apr 2017 13:00 — 18:00 // Experiment #1.37.1 //

Medium cardboard furniture design factory

Are you going? RSVP!
3 people have RSVPd

The workshop intends to explore the possibilities of cardboard as an aesthetic, biodegradable, waste material which can be made into a structurally viable option for furniture design.

This workshop will take place over 2 days:

Day 1 - 8 April - Participants will discuss needs, wants and ideas followed by making glue and laminating cardboard into sheets suitable for construction.

Day 2 - needs more Temps to be scheduled, please pledge -  Participants will finalize designs,...

30 Mar 2017 18:00 — 20:00 // Experiment #1.36 //

Medium medium road 2058106 1920

Are you going? RSVP!
5 people have RSVPd

How to be creative in how to be creative?

Currently the biggest obstacle we have in our creative thinking is that we usually don't design our creative thought process at all. As a consequence, our creative thinking is controlled by our (mostly random) mental history, and usually, it's needlessly difficult for us to see different options to be creative in varying situations.

To contrast, if we don't know something, we search for knowledge from book, or by googling, or by asking...

29 Mar 2017 17:30 — 19:30 // Experiment #1.35 //

Medium medium molecular gastronomy the food of the future 2

Are you going? RSVP!
3 people have RSVPd

Eating is a necessity, and therefore often becomes mechanical. Often the thoughts we give to it are about convenience or nutrition.

What if we slowed down our eating substantially, paying attention to not only each sensation, but also imaging the path that each ingredient has taken to reach our plates and mouths? What if we treated a meal as something very serious, private, and special, even just once?

Each participant arrives to a quiet atmosphere. Everyone brings a modest portion of a food...

18.09.2016 // Proposals //

Medium 20160918 174822

Proposed by agryfp
Currently pledged: 0Ŧ
100Ŧ still needed
There could be a table or a shelf ascribed with 'Kirjasto projekti', with the hope that it can serve as a/the Temporary library for participants in experiments and Open Day visitors. According to self-defined lengths of time, someone can present their personal books (or library books) on the...
25 Apr 2017 11:00 — 15:00 // Experiment #1.34.1 //

Medium culture exchange  small

Are you going? RSVP!
3 people have RSVPd

Blood, it's in you to give.

Let's meet at Temporary for the purpose of creating a dialogue about social responsibility by going, as a group, to give blood. We will walk together to the blood collection clinic (Veripalvelu, Helsinki, Sanomatalo) to collectively donate. Afterwards, we can reflect on the process we just went through and its consequences while we have a snack.

Please check the following website to see if you are eligable to donate:...

16 Apr 2017 13:00 — 16:00 // Experiment #1.33.2 //

Medium serveimage

The idea is simple. All participants bring plans, drawings, photos, or even a 3D model of spaces they would like to renovate. Then together we will design the renovation according to permaculture principles and hopefully realize it too! I will continue to elaborate on the workshop, adding on details according to what you, the potential participants ask about. The space in need of renovation could be as small as your closet or as large as the planet earth.

The goal is to empower people to...

9 Apr 2017 13:00 — 16:00 // Experiment #1.33.1 //

Medium serveimage

The idea is simple. All participants bring plans, drawings, photos, or even a 3D model of spaces they would like to renovate. Then together we will design the renovation according to permaculture principles and hopefully realize it too! I will continue to elaborate on the workshop, adding on details according to what you, the potential participants ask about. The space in need of renovation could be as small as your closet or as large as the planet earth.

The goal is to empower people to...

28 Mar 2017 18:30 — 20:30 // Experiment #1.23.11 //

Medium 1912527 10152793988930569 8633381062930363916 o

Are you going? RSVP!

Regular meet-up nights, open to all interested in learning or co-learning about anything sound-related.

Ava Grayson can organise exercises/discussions/etc. However, other participants are welcome to suggest topics or experiments if they like, and each session will end with a group decision as to what the next session could be.

Possible activities: 

  • listening walks 
  • sonic meditation 
  • spontaneous noise-making or instrument-building

Possible discussion topics: 

  • tech geek...
27 Mar 2017 17:00 — 20:00 // Experiment #1.8.4 //

Medium medium 2016 05 29 trashlab in hel  at kuva  1

Are you going? RSVP!
8 people have RSVPd

TRASHLAB events are social occasions to gather, try to fix broken things, while meeting others who care about tinkering, fixing, hacking, and the problem of waste and obsolescence in society. For each event, the expert hosts will try to identify the problems or diagnose the broken item and direct participants on how they can fix their item.

07.02.2017 // Proposals //

Medium film club

Proposed by Glo
Currently pledged: 0Ŧ
100Ŧ still needed
16:00 = Screening "Dogville" 19:00 = Discussion Starting . You can joying directly the discussion if you have already watched the film! Dear all, Nur Magazine starts New Year with a stimulating and pleasing event to all the people who live in Helsinki area, keen and interested in movies: “The...
23.09.2016 // Proposals //
Currently pledged: 80Ŧ
20Ŧ still needed
I want to create a whole new language together with you, this language we create may have influences of already existing words from languages from different parts of the world. The most interesting is to arrive at a common agreement on words and to build from there. By the end of the experiment I...
19.01.2017 // Experiment news //
mactwyver writes...
REMINDER: For those of you who are joining the workshop tomorrow: please bring something you would like to preserve for a time of need. It can be anything you want: from your favorite comfort food, to a love letter, to warm socks. You name it, (yes) we can it!
13.01.2017 // Experiment news //
Tonttukorvat two men computer
stevemaherart writes...
IMPORTANT UPDATE - Quenya being our primary language in the E.L.V. it seems that our translation department didn't realise the Suomi name for E.L.V. was in fact Gnome and not Elf. Please note Quenya is not a Gnomish language, I don't even know what Gnomes would speak. Hence forth our Finnish name will now be Haltia Vapautusrintama H.V.R.,(Which is also probably wrong) there may be an issue with immediately updating the link on the webpage, so use your internal non-me spell check. Now to figure out what to do with all this gnome merchandise I made.
09.01.2017 // news //

During the first few months of Temporary, you may have noticed the amount of Temps in your account was not correct for what it should have been. This may be due to several reasons: the instability of the Ethereum blockchain in October/November (during which time it was under a DOS attack, and many of our transactions failed and were resubmitted), the instability of our check-in kiosk, or the generally poor coding skills of Temporary/Biathlon developers.

Today we are running an 'audit' script to compare your balances on the blockchain and add or delete Temps as needed so everything will be correct. This only affects your actual, unspent Temps - Temps you have currently pledged to yet-unscheduled events still exist, and are not spent until the event is scheduled.

If you believe there has been an error with our caclulations, please contact admin@ temporary via email. And remember to always check in to activities at Temporary!

23.11.2016 // Experiment news //
Img 5087
hyksos writes...
Hi everyone! Great news, the stuff I ordered arrived so we can meet on Sunday as planned.

My plan was to attempt to build a basic condenser microphone, using some plans found online. I ordered enough parts for 10, except 7 condenser capsules are normal and 3 different ones I ordered are really, really tiny, like we're talking spy microphone tiny. I got some various XLR connectors and the necessary capacitors too. I think.

This will be a condenser mic that gets power from a 9v battery, not phantom power (that will be an advanced topic for a future meeting). If you have some 9v batteries, bring them. And most important -- bring something to build your microphone into, a case or housing. I'm going to use some empty coconut shells from the last Fake it Till You Make it workshop. So please bring something fun and weird that you want to make into a microphone shell.

If everyone could kick me around 10-12€ for materials that would be great too!

05.11.2016 // Experiment news //
hyksos writes...
Final results of the vote:

1. Late night karaoke hour - 50 points
2. Culinary traditions of USA/beer batter - 49 pts
3. Diversity of Voting Protocols - 30pts
4. Upside-down map of the world - 29pts
5. Democratic confessions - 21pts
6. New hairstyles - 20pts
7. Top 100 poetry night - 19pts
8. Crying and cartoons - 16pts

12 ballots came in total, thanks to everyone! We'll definitely do the first four of these assuming all the proposers are still willing. See you on Tuesday.
01.11.2016 // Proposals //

Medium albero cc

Proposed by Albero
Currently pledged: 0Ŧ
100Ŧ still needed
A two days work bringing participants to the understanding and solution of the hidden issues deriving from the challenges, traumas and habits inherited from the family system. It will take place over a weekend, about 8 hours of work each day. During the first day we will deepen the analysis of...
13.10.2016 // news //

Temporary's Temps currency (Ŧ) is built upon the Ethereum blockchain, a decentralised application platform. Ethereum is still very much an experimental, bleeding-edge technology and has been undergoing many DDoS attacks in the recent weeks. This means that many of our transactions involving Temps being created, transfered or spent are not being processed, or not being processed for hours.

If you see a red alert sign in your activity feed, that means your transaction was not successfully mined on the blockchain. Rest assured that we are doing everything in our power to fix this (which, honestly, there's not much we can do) and that when the blockchain is healthy and stable again, all missed transactions will be re-submitted. 

In the meantime, you can still write proposals, comment on them, and pledge to them! And we are still open daily for the Open Days experiment, where you can receive 10Ŧ for attending (even if it make take a few hours (or days) for the Ŧ to actually reach your account).

03.10.2016 // news //

Temporary's first month is in the books and we couldn't be more delighted with how it went. Amazingly, there are 98 of you who have registered on this site, and 65 of you attended at least one experiment. Already, Temporary has become a site of vibrant, strange and fun cultural exchange with a heavy social and participatory focus. Thank you to everyone and we hope October has just as much energy.

As this was Temporary's first month, expenses were quite high, involving costs for furniture, networking, hardware, and other supplies. Still, several people helped out by donating money to purchase Temps or other equipment. The bottom line is that Temporary cost 2940€ in September, with an income of 267€, leaving a debt of 2673€.

The full financial breakdown can be found as an Ethercalc spreadsheet and most of the receipts for credits can be found in the activity feed. There are some discrepancies in the Temps count due to errors writing to the blockchain, but these will be dealt with and re-submitted in the next few days so everything should be correct by then. 

If you have any questions, send an email to admin@ or just show up to the next Open Day and ask in person.

29.09.2016 // news //
Robin cards

We're thrilled to offer a limited edition Biathlon/Temporary ID card, with artwork by the great Sac Magique! These cards can be linked to your account and are made of a much more durable plastic than the Temporary business cards we have been using. You can choose one of three different designs - there are 15 of each available, so get them while supplies last!


We are asking for a minimum payment of 5€ per card, and you will receive 1Ŧ for every 1€ over 5€ you pay; for example, paying 12€ gets you an ID card + 7Ŧ, and it helps support Temporary with your cash donation. Cards are available during Open Days or any other activity, while supplies last. Cash only, please, and if you like the art and would like to 'tip' Sac Magique in Temps you can do so via his profile page.

09.09.2016 // news //

Many thanks to the Ethereum explorer, Etherscan, who have verified Temporaries as a recognised tradable token on the blockchain! You can see proof of this here.

07.09.2016 // news //

Temporary welcomes Marc Dusseiller aka Dusjagr to Helsinki, who will be running the ongoing Empathetic Taxidermia Lab between the 8th and 20th of September. This is in conjunction with this year's Pixelache Festival, which will host an Empathetic Taxidermy workshop on the 24th. Before then, at Temporary, Marc will be working daily in an open process, with an inauguration event on Saturday the 10th, two open labs on the 14th and the 19th, and a weekend-long Taxidermy Kit workshop on the 17th and 18th.

Participation is open to everyone!

02.09.2016 // news //
Dancing juan

We're pleased to announce that Temporary is now live and online. This website will come together over the weekend with more information and the missing pieces filled in. In the meantime,  you can create your account now (with Facebook or Twitter sign-in - we will add Google sign-in + old-school username and password registration soon, probably tonight) and start proposing experiments!

Open Days began today and will continue indefinitely. The current schedule for Open Days is 10 AM to 16:30 on Mondays and Wednesday through Friday; Tuesday is our late night (and weekly dance party administrative meeting) taking place from 14:30 - 21:00.

We're hoping to see and meet lots of faces over the next few weeks. Let's see where this goes!