This site remains as an archive of the activities at Temporary.

How does it work?

1. Temporary is in Kallio, Helsinki, at Kolmas linja 7. It's not run by any incorporated organisation or company, but by the people who pay the rent and bills and use it. Which includes you. It's a nice, large open room with a smaller, quieter room in the back. Come and visit!

2. As our main focus, Temporary hosts 'experiments', which are events built around experimental participation. These events are proposed by and organised by YOU. They may take any form that is possible given the constraints of the room and the real world. The more unusual, the better! Check the calendar to see when experiments are taking place, and propose one if you like.


2a. If you haven't already, join this website before you come and then we can give you an ID card!

3. At all other times, Temporary is open for the Open Time experiment, where you can come and work on whatever you'd like in a shared space, using our Internet, furniture, and small kitchen. Bring your own projects, whether they be artistic, freelance work, or something else. Have meetings with friends and colleagues. Drink our coffee. Take a nap if you'd like.

3a. Open Time is theoretically all the time except when other experiments are happening - 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. But we are limited by Temporary's staff and volunteers needing to physically be there to look after the space and welcome first-time visitors. So it's essential to check the website before coming to check if Temporary is actually, in fact, open. It says prominently at the top of every page of this site if Temporary is open and is updated in real time.

4. You earn "Temps", our currency (written as Ŧ), every time you walk through the door. You get an ID card, and use the card to easily accumulate your Temps. You can even be anonymous, if you'd prefer.



5. Through this website, you can propose your own ideas for experiments that you would like to organise. It currently costs 100Ŧ to hold an evening event. You can spend your own Ŧ on it, but you can't spend all 100 yourself - you need at least 1Ŧ from at least one other person.

5a. If your experiment meets more than once, or lasts for a few days, then you need Ŧs for each day --  but it gets 'cheaper', costing 10% less Ŧ for each successive meeting (down to a minimum of 20Ŧ).

6. You can also pledge your Ŧs to other people's proposals. Until the experiment is put on the calendar, your pledge is not actually spent and can be edited or withdrawn.

7. Each week, currently on Tuesdasy nights, we have a social gathering and collectively review the proposals. Sometimes we'll combine this with other experiments; sometimes we play music and dance or cut hair or fix our bikes. This is the minimum 'admin meeting' that happens and it's open to everyone to participate and have a say.

8. At these meetings, proposals with the most pledged Ŧs are more likely to be scheduled, but of course it depends on other factors such as time, energy, and resources. If you have a proposal with enough Ŧs, then you should come to this meeting and assist with the practical stuff. You can also turn up to propose experiments offline, for example if you don't have a computer-device (though then I don't know how you're reading this). Plus, they are kinda fun.

8. Your experiment is your responsibility: from gathering pledged Ŧ in the proposal stage, to preparing for it, promoting it, arranging any special needs, etc. when it is scheduled. The other users of Temporary will hopefully help out though - use the proposal discussion on this website to gather your troops. No good experiment happens without other people's involvement.

9. You may at any time donate real money (Euros/€, that is) to Temporary, to help keep the lights on. You can chuck a few coins in the donation can next to the coffee machine any time. If you want to give us over 10€, we can credit you in Temps for your donation at the current rate of 1€ = 1Ŧ. We also currently have some gorgeous ID cards designed by Sac Magique that we ask for a minimum donation of 5€ for - you will receive Temps for any additional € you donate.

10. Any or all of these things may change! Each week during the 'meeting', we'll look at what's working, what's not, and make any necessary tweaks. You can be part of this process too - just come and use your voice.