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27 Nov 2016 12:30 — 17:00 // Experiment //
Experiment #1.10.1: Microphone building club meeting #1
5 people participated, earning 100Ŧ.
Scheduled from proposal: Microphone building club with 70Ŧ
Medium 325 f5 dyi parabolic mic secondary 2

A semi-regular (hopefully) group that will gather to experiment with building microphones. 


  • To create inexpensive and unusual microphones to be used for sound experimentation (music, field recordings, etc).

  • To learn how to make microphones.

  • Maybe if we make some really amazing ones we could try to sell them and get rich.

Open to anyone!

Participants (5):


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hyksos says....
November 23, 2016 12:03

Hi everyone! Great news, the stuff I ordered arrived so we can meet on Sunday as planned.

My plan was to attempt to build a basic condenser microphone, using some plans found online. I ordered enough parts for 10, except 7 condenser capsules are normal and 3 different ones I ordered are really, really tiny, like we're talking spy microphone tiny. I got some various XLR connectors and the necessary capacitors too. I think.

This will be a condenser mic that gets power from a 9v battery, not phantom power (that will be an advanced topic for a future meeting). If you have some 9v batteries, bring them. And most important -- bring something to build your microphone into, a case or housing. I'm going to use some empty coconut shells from the last Fake it Till You Make it workshop. So please bring something fun and weird that you want to make into a microphone shell.

If everyone could kick me around 10-12€ for materials that would be great too!

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