This site remains as an archive of the activities at Temporary.

How do I get Temps?

Temporaries, or Temps (Ŧ), are the digital currency that runs Temporary.

There are two ways to get Temps:

  1. Participate in Temporary activities
  2. Contribute financially

To participate in Temporary activities, just turn up to any of our experiments. There is a calendar full of regular activities many evenings, and our Open Time project runs throughout the week whenever someone is there. All experiments pay you in Temps for attending. On your first visit, ask someone to make you an ID card - or just print a guest ticket and redeem it online later.

To contribute financially, talk to someone at Open Time or other experiments, or email admin @ As Temporary is not (and never will be) registered as an association, company or any other legal entity, at the moment we can only easily accept cash donations. But we are constantly seeking other methods, so please get in touch if you have some ideas.

Temps are not intended to replace real money, or to create an enslaving, exploitative pseudo-capitalist simulation -- they are meant to chronicle the energy and effort put into cultural projects, while making our participation in these interactions cumulative. That effort can be in the form of financial resources (as we do need to pay rent and bills), but Temporary does not consider financial input to be somehow more valuable or important than the intellectual, emotional and spiritual energy that we can contribute.

As we discover more possibilities for Temps - currently they can be spent on experiment scheduling and private room rental - we will stay commited to this equivalency. We do not want to ever ask Temporary's community to have to pay Euros for their involvement in the space (besides the occasional workshop or event that may have a materials fee or other small cost), but we also hope to find a way to make our activities sustainable.