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16.03.2017 // News //
Changes to the Ŧ economy

After discussion at the meeting on Tuesday, it was agreed that the base cost for experiments will now be 100Ŧ. Subsequent recurrences will still receive a 10% discount from the previous session (so 90Ŧ, 81Ŧ, etc.) and already-ongoing experiments (not yet scheduled) will have their future sessions price increased appropriately.

Additionally, Open Time now only earns you 5Ŧ instead of 10Ŧ. This change was made because it was felt that Open Time was generating too many Ŧs that were not being spent on pledges (or room rentals).

The reason for these decisions was to try to keep a balance of activities at Temporary; as the calendar is beginning to fill on many evenings and weekends, time for experiment scheduling is obviously a more scarce resource. Also, there are currently over 10,000Ŧ in the system, spread out over 209 different people, though only 46 different users have ever pledged to support a proposal. It is hoped that some of the other 150+ users will be encouraged to support some of the experiments that they have been participating in, so we'll see if these new 'rates' will help.

Temporary's operating rules are open for discussion at the 'meeting' events. Once a week, usually on Tuesday night, an experiment is tagged as a 'meeting' in which these and other issues can be discussed. So far, these meetings have been non-hierarchical and decisions have been made by consensus. If you would like to shape the overall experiment that is Temporary itself, please participate!