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How To Listen To Music

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'How To Listen to Music' will be a regularly occurring (monthly, or whenever anyone wants to lead one) experimental interaction that will look at one topic in music – one particular artist, or piece of sound, or genre, or instrument, or whatever.

The idea of 'How To Listen to Music' is to get beneath the surface of a particular musical work, incorporating external contexts such as film screenings, readings, etc as well as collective listening and perhaps even performance/interpretations.

Each meeting will be led by a different person, who can organise participants however they would like. I imagine it myself as some sort of combination of performative lecture with A/V components, listening party, and workshop to interpret and recreate the music in question.

I'm happy to start with the first one, which will be on the subject of Albert Ayler. If you have an idea to lead a session, leave a comment here and we'll figure it out if this experiment gets enough pledges to be scheduled.


To explore music in a deeper way, collectively. And to share our own musical interpretations, experiences, memories and feelings with others.

How often?
Recurring regularly Planned indefinitely


Each session is one night, a weeknight, a few hours max and no one needs to be prepared except the facilitator

Intended participants:

everyone, even deaf people are welcome (we'll find a way to be inclusive)

Live Your Legend Helsinki Meetup

See full proposal and comments

Live Your Legend Helsinki meetup. An on-going seris of meetups (usually it is 1 meetup per month) is a relaxed hang out, where our chat usually circles around some practical, humorous, or philosophical aspects of life, work, relationships, personal growth, etc. Share whatever is on your mind ...or just listen, if you prefer. Anyone can just join and come check it out. If you haven't been with us before, we are a sociable bunch including all kinds of people (regular people, engineers, IT people, bloggers, students of psychology, etc), and we're happy to meet new people. Everybody is welcome

Part of the meetup is the opportunity for anyone interested to do/get some peer-coaching which follows a structure of 3 questions (in case you are new to this, these questions are a common feature that's used in LYL groups around the world, to facilitate the discussion):
- what are you building? (i.e., what's your current project/goal, if you have one)
- where do you need help? (what is hard?)
- what is your next step?

Everyone is welcome to join! Stay for an hour, stay two, whatever you have time for.

"LIVE: To spend one’s life in a particular way. To have an exciting or fulfilling existence.
YOUR: Unique to who you are and no one else.
LEGEND: Something remarkable and noteworthy, however big or small, that somehow changes the world.

More here:
Local Group Helsinki: https://www.facebook.com/groups/586001591475247/?fref=ts


--- note I (or somebody else) will probably organize these meetups if possible at Temporary in the coming months also, but atm cannot commit to have this meetup every month at Temporary.

Give people an encouraging environment where they can discuss what's going on in their life, their projects and goals, meet and connect to new people, or just have coffee and hang out. Give opportunity to peer-coaching, sharing of ideas and getting help on what ever you happen to be building.

How often?
One time only


during summer (likely July)

Intended participants:


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How To Listen To Music
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HUOM: Kokeen peruskustannus nousi 70:tä 100Ŧ:aan 15.3.2017.
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Live Your Legend Helsinki Meetup
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HUOM: Kokeen peruskustannus nousi 70:tä 100Ŧ:aan 15.3.2017.
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