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Proposal: How To Listen To Music

Proposed by hyksos
Pending scheduling

This proposal will be reviewed at Temporary's next organisational meeting: None currently scheduled.

Temporary is closing on 1 September 2017. No further experiments will be scheduled, though you can still pledge Temps as supported experiments may form a starting programme for the post-Temporary project.


'How To Listen to Music' will be a regularly occurring (monthly, or whenever anyone wants to lead one) experimental interaction that will look at one topic in music – one particular artist, or piece of sound, or genre, or instrument, or whatever.

The idea of 'How To Listen to Music' is to get beneath the surface of a particular musical work, incorporating external contexts such as film screenings, readings, etc as well as collective listening and perhaps even performance/interpretations.

Each meeting will be led by a different person, who can organise participants however they would like. I imagine it myself as some sort of combination of performative lecture with A/V components, listening party, and workshop to interpret and recreate the music in question.

I'm happy to start with the first one, which will be on the subject of Albert Ayler. If you have an idea to lead a session, leave a comment here and we'll figure it out if this experiment gets enough pledges to be scheduled.

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To explore music in a deeper way, collectively. And to share our own musical interpretations, experiences, memories and feelings with others.


Each session is one night, a weeknight, a few hours max and no one needs to be prepared except the facilitator

How often will this happend?:
Happens regularly
Intended participants:

everyone, even deaf people are welcome (we'll find a way to be inclusive)


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Laura3000 pledged in support of this proposal!
June 27, 2017 11:46
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June 28, 2017 00:16
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August 09, 2017 16:20
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August 30, 2017 22:57
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August 31, 2017 00:24
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