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26 kesä 2017 19:00 — 20:00 // Magic Mondays: Electric Sound Meditation //
kokeilu #1.52.4: Magic Mondays: Electric Sound Meditation 26.6.2017
Liittyy ehdotukseen: Magic Mondays: Electric Sound Meditation with 73Ŧ
Tätä tukee: Juha Kivekäs (Guttula) (30), mariana.salgado (30), Ven Marella (13)
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Electric Sound Meditation is a twice-monthly experimental music and meditation series open to all members of Helsinki community. Each session is hosted by a different experimental musician or sound artist.

There has already been 6 of these sessions, and I'm proposing that this series continue its summer sessions at Temporary as a way to incorporate wellbeing practices with fresh experimental noise-/music-making in a safe and comfy space. Each session can be followed by a slow waking up, hangout, and snacks.

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Ava Grayson sanoo....
6. kesäkuuta 2017 11.04

Hi all! Anyone interested in this should leave a comment here or please message me on Facebook (info in the FB event page below). There are only 10 spots available because of headphone splitter logistics, so please let me know if you are wanting to join!


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