21 Feb 2017 18:30 — 20:30 // SoundShare Nights //
Experiment #1.23.6: SoundShare Night 21.2.2017
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Regular meet-up nights geared toward SAMA sound students, but open to all other students (and Temporary folk, and other kinds of folk) interested in learning or co-learning about anything sound-related.

Ava Grayson can organise exercises/discussions/etc. However, other participants are welcome to suggest topics or experiments if they like, and each session will end with a group decision as to what the next session could be.

Possible activities: 

  • listening walks 
  • sonic meditation 
  • spontaneous noise-making or instrument-building

Possible discussion topics: 

  • tech geek nerdout tangents 
  • Nada yoga and yogic chanting 
  • if a tree falls in the woods... 
  • non-traditional listening aesthetics 
  • anything! If it has to do with sound, let's talk about it!

Please bring snacks and wooly socks if that makes you comfy. Please bring your enthusiasm and ears and open minds.

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