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Experiment #1.20.3: Eldarin Lerya Vanda (E.L.V.) / Haltia Vapautusrintama (H.V.R.) / Elvish Liberation Front (E.L.F.) #3

A series of con-linguistic based meetings, collaborative language learning and activism centred around the minority Finnic-Ugric language of Quenya created by J.R.R. Tolkien in the early 20th century.

The meetings aim to look towards the constructed language of Quenya, the language of the High Elves in the Tolkien mythos, as an alternative to dominant language forms in use in Finland. Tolkien based Quenya grammatically and aesthetically on the Finnish language, it was the first literary based constructed language and shares many features derived from Finnish.

The E.L.V/H.V.R./E.L.F. aims to lobby on behalf of Quenyarin rights in Finland as a parallel to the rights of "real" marginalised language forms both national and international, to approach these concerns from the perspective of Elvish speakers in order to approach the issue from a distinct yet familiar position.

The idea is to bring into question the concept of linguistic indigeneity as well as dominant language forms through the proxy of a constructed language both regionally derived yet alien, to create a dialogue about the interrelation between culture and language in Finland.


The experiment will break up into 3 components, each taking 45 minutes up to an hour:

1) Collaborative Language Learning 

  • A short (5-10 minute) presentation will open this period, in which specific language features will be presented and discussed to direct the process. 
  • Participants will work collaboratively, round table, with resources both provided in print and online to learn aspects of Quenya. 
  • Assignments will be collaboratively designed.

2) Group discussion 

  • reflection on collaborative learnign section 
  • Off site actions 
  • Scenario development (Activities which will take place separate to the meetings) 
  • Discussion about real world languages both marginalised and dominant 
  • Discussion about constructed languages

3) Group activity 

Eldarin Lerya Vanda (E.L.V.) / Haltia Vapautusrintama (H.V.R.) / Elvish Liberation Front (E.L.F.): current experiment status

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This experiment has 3 comments.
stevemaherart says....
January 13, 2017 10:40

IMPORTANT UPDATE - Quenya being our primary language in the E.L.V. it seems that our translation department didn't realise the Suomi name for E.L.V. was in fact Gnome and not Elf. Please note Quenya is not a Gnomish language, I don't even know what Gnomes would speak. Hence forth our Finnish name will now be Haltia Vapautusrintama H.V.R.,(Which is also probably wrong) there may be an issue with immediately updating the link on the webpage, so use your internal non-me spell check. Now to figure out what to do with all this gnome merchandise I made.

hyksos says....
January 13, 2017 11:34

It's changed but the old URL won't work and the QR codes on the posters won't either, but I doubt anyone uses those anyway. Please be more careful next time.

stevemaherart says....
April 17, 2017 12:27

We at the E.L.V. have given the Quendi name for Temporary, our beloved meeting place.

Látanka roughly translates as not(Lá) fixed/firm(tanka).

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