6 — 22 Apr 2017 // The Dialectics of Space //
Experiment #1.27.1: The Dialectics of Space (open time)
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The Dialectics of Space is a temporary, fabricated environment that will occupy the entirety of Temporary's space. The installation will not just be a construction, but a functional and social space where the various zones are also utilised for relational events such as meals, workshops, meetings, etcetera where the space and the event inform each other for the creation of a imposing situation and a unusual or unique experience.

The installation will require a week of construction prior to the official opening with elements in the installation changing and being added to over the course of the experiment. The installation will be built specifically to interact with the Temporary architecture as a whole, looking to transform it into an interactive and explorable space which can be at times physically intimidating while in other moments comforting, creating a visceral reaction in the viewer. The space itself will become one single, ephemeral work of art, architecture, environment. Events in the space will be situated in nodes of the installation specifically constructed for the ongoing specifically planned events.

The viewer will be immersed in a sensory and inflicting environment which, beyond its physicality, will affect individuals through changing light and sound-scapes. The only way to understand the gestalt of the work will be to spend time exploring the space as well as attending the scheduled events happening during the experiment period.

The experiment attempts to find points of convergence where dialogical processes, labor, play, trash and environment meet. The end result of the experiment will hopefully be a combining of physical, sensory and social experiences within the fabricated environment where viewers will be absorbed into a temporary world existing between fantasy and reality, art and architecture, as well as viewer and environment.

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Justin Tyler Tate says....
March 22, 2017 08:59

The 'Dialetics of Space' website with all of the events that currently fall under its umbrella: http://dialecticsofspace.weebly.com

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