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15 Apr 2017 20:00 — 22:30 // The Dialectics of Space //
Experiment #1.27.3: The Dialectics of Space dinner #2
Scheduled from proposal: The Dialectics of Space with 20Ŧ
Supported by: hyksos (20)
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The second dinner event of the Dialectics of Space experiment created by Justin Tyler Tate. More information to be posted here soon.

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Justin Tyler Tate says....
March 22, 2017 08:59

The 'Dialetics of Space' website with all of the events that currently fall under its umbrella: http://dialecticsofspace.weebly.com

Box 2014 justin tyler tate  pool
Justin Tyler Tate says....
April 10, 2017 13:14

Images from the first 'Dialectics of Space: Dinner' can be seen here: http://dialecticsofspace.weebly.com/1.html

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