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Temporary operated for one year, from September 2016-2017.
12 Aug 2017 17:00 — 20:00 // Experiment //
Experiment #1.61.1: Temporary Futures
Scheduled from proposal: Temporary Futures with 100Ŧ
Supported by: Agnes Pockels (agnes_pockels) (50), Laura3000 (30), Ven Marella (20)
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A chance to collectively reassemble our post-holiday collective thoughts, feelings, and aspirations as members of Temporary.

A 3-hour session in which members who feel an investment in the direction of Temporary get together to brainstorm and discuss the possible future of this space we all share.

Each participant comes prepared with one (1) exercise that they think could either help us brainstorm new ideas/directions for Temporary or could generate directions for improvement. The first 1,5 hours of the session would be spent on these proposed exercises.

The latter 1,5 hours would be spent sharing a potluck dinner together, discussing our thoughts on the exercises we did, and sharing possible insight into what could come next for Temporary.

Goals: To recalibrate as a collective, to discover new insights, to propose new ideas, to tie up loose ends, to make new loose ends.


Temporary Futures: current experiment status

One meeting / 11% to next meeting (#2)

90Ŧ needed to schedule next meeting (#2)
10Ŧ currently pledged

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Participants (14):
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Turnout was nice, too. Even more people came after this photo was taken.
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Turnout was nice, too. Even more people came after this photo was taken.
Contributed by hyksos on August 13, 2017 13:28
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We shared delicious food.
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We shared delicious food.
Contributed by hyksos on August 13, 2017 13:27


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Justin Tyler Tate says....
August 09, 2017 16:22

I wish I could come!!! :(

User missing
sasanemec says....
August 09, 2017 16:23

At Justin Tyler Tate Skype in!

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hyksos says....
August 13, 2017 13:26

Testing email notifications. Please ignore this.

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hyksos says....
September 14, 2017 12:01

Hi everyone,

It's time to start talking about the future - what could be 'experiment #2', a continuation of the model with a larger base of people committed to the operations, etc, hopefully to start in early 2018.

I have enabled email notifications on this discussion thread for you because you either attended the Temporary Futures event in August, or you have expressed interest in being part of the next phase. If you don't wish to be part of this, I apologise for the spam, but obviously no one is regularly checking the Temporary website anymore. You can easily turn off notifications of the comments via the page for Temporary Futures.

It would be good if sometime next week we could all gather and discuss possibilities and see who is genuinely interested in doing this, or if maybe we shouldn't bother trying.

Shall we pick a time to meet and start the ball rolling? We can meet in the empty ex-Temporary space, though an evening would be better to avoid the construction noise.

As I am emphatically NOT going to be 'leader' or 'in charge' of this next phase, I request that someone else take the initiative to choose a time to meet. We can then in person discuss what shape things might take.


User missing
scottandreweliott says....
September 14, 2017 12:50

I'm up for a discussion.
How about next Tuesday or Wednesday evening, the 19th or 20th, starting around 5 or 6? (what time do the construction workers finish?)

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Erich Berger says....
September 15, 2017 10:19


I am not in Helsinki next week but would participate remotely via eg skype.



User missing
firstCoffee says....
September 15, 2017 11:16

Similar to Erich, if someone is ok to bring a laptop with skype or similar to the session I would l love to be there remotely!

Both the proposed Tuesday and Wednesday evenings could work. 


User missing
scottandreweliott says....
September 15, 2017 14:23

Yes I will bring my laptop and can definitely skype people in :)


User missing
mactwyver says....
September 15, 2017 15:04

Hey everybody,

I would like to join in as well, but on Tuesday evening I already have an appointment. Wednesday suits me better


Box img 4374
hyksos says....
September 15, 2017 16:35

So let's make it Wednesday. Can someone make a Facebook event for this meeting (I'm not joking)?

User missing
scottandreweliott says....
September 15, 2017 23:27

I made a facebook event, for 5-7pm next wednesday: https://www.facebook.com/events/960170690789039/
please share the event, I have no facebook friends and am never on facebook. I hope the time is OK, I can also change it if it's problematic. If anyone wants to skype in, my skype name is scottandrewelliott.

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Agnes Pockels (agnes_pockels) says....
September 16, 2017 19:55

I'll be present!

We need some clearer agenda otherwise I worry that we will end up being very vague, theoretical and falling into already well known ways of how the things were done previously. What if each of us makes a little homework and come up with at least one wish from the post-Temporary experiment? What would you like it to be? What makes you interested in this vague idea? Everything goes! It can be at least a start for further brainstorming. I'm not proposing it as an ex-Temporary co-instigator but as a person not interested in organisational talks without much effects in actions.
Let's invite (each of us!) friends who might be interested in that brainstorming whether they have accounts on ex-Temporary page or not. No one of us has any clearer idea about what it is going to be, so make your own version what this meeting actually will be and bring people along. Everybody who is adventurous enough to get into the discussion about vague but potential future is a good person to join.

Box quendi   helsinki
stevemaherart says....
September 16, 2017 20:04

I will be travelling at that time so can't be there in person or remotely. But I am following this closely.

User missing
Avnerus says....
September 16, 2017 20:15

I would also like to join but am traveling and will be at some family holiday event =/
I will follow in hopes to attend the next meeting.

Box 8166830791 17a868a5b6 o
Untitledbodies says....
September 18, 2017 00:52

I have a meeting at 17.00 but I'll come along afterwards

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Erich Berger says....
September 20, 2017 16:55

hi everybody,

I am online via skype: erich_berger if somebody would be so kind to beam me up



Box 406322dc3fd3baf7539d73faafe8 w899 h1165 g1a3ffd4c89c411e4833a0025900fea04
Agnes Pockels (agnes_pockels) says....
September 25, 2017 22:33

We are continuing our brainstorming this Thursday 28.09 (not Wednesday as previously planned) from 17:00 till 19:00.
We will discuss potential economic models for Experiment#2, therefore, please bring your own proposals (in whatever form) to talk about.
You can read minutes from all the meetings here: http://pad.temporary.fi/p/meetings_experiment2. You can also add there your ideas in case you can't participate in person.
Feel free to invite to that meeting anybody this idea could be interesting for.

User missing
TheScienceBasement_V/K says....
September 28, 2017 11:59

Hi, I can't make it to the meeting today. If people have thought about fund rising or ideas about how to better manage an cultural organisation you may want to check the Global Art Point's events. https://www.facebook.com/events/326669724472419/?ti=cl


Box img 4374
hyksos says....
September 28, 2017 13:00

I borrowed a good omnidirectional mic/speaker from Erich Berger and Piritta Puhto so if anyone wants to Skype in this time, it should work much better than last week.

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