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11 Oct 2016 14:30 — 22:00 // Experiment //
Experiment # Proposal-generating potluck #1

Can the making and sharing of food propel a group of people to come up with new ideas for experimental interactions?

Temporary is going pretty well but we could use some more proposals. This offshoot of the Open Days experiment takes over a regular evening-session Open Day and asks participants to bring along some food they cooked to share with others (vegetarian and/or vegan preferred). Then, in addition to the regular social aspects, we will collectively try to generate some new proposals for the Temporary site. These proposals don't have to be especially brilliant or serious, but will hopefully be fun and lead to some new collaborations. Everyone is asked to bring at least two ideas of something they would like to try out at Temporary in the future (along with some food).

Temporary will open as usual at 14:30; 'potluck time' starts at 19:30 and the doors will stay open an hour longer, until 22:00. This will also function as the regular weekly anti-meeting or whatever, so any proposals with enough pledged Temps will be reviewed and scheduled as always.

Proposal-generating potlucks: current experiment status

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