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Experiment #1.25:

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In this series of workshops we reflect on building a common space that is decentralised and operated by a community of people. We will try to see how it is possible to construct the collective and through a series of various workshops from customised label making to building creative donation boxes we try to work on all the different aspects such as the psychological or the financial that are all part of this kind of a shared space. Together we will come up with new ideas and some of them we can also test in Temporary itself. The ideas for the topic of each meeting will grow from the discussions to be had in these workshops. 

Nestwork: current experiment status

This experiment is not active.

There has been no activity towards this experiment during the past almost 7 years. The experiment is assumed to be completed or abandoned.

3 meetings scheduled. 8 people have checked in (4 distinct people), and 1 guest ticket.

Original proposal: Nestwork / Katarina Meister (Kata_Meister)

Past occurrences:


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jonald dunn says....
February 10, 2017 18:06

sorry i couldn't come after all. babysitting. but i still like the idea and would come to the next one. jon

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