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12 May 2017 20:00 — 21:30 // Nestwork //
Experiment #1.25.3: Nestwork #3
Scheduled from proposal: Nestwork with 81Ŧ
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In this series of meetings, we reflect on how to build a common space that is decentralised and operated by a community of people. We try to see how it is possible to construct the horizontal, inclusive, participatory environment whether it concerns psychological, social, financial or even transcendental aspects. 

During upcoming Nestwork we are meeting with Essi Ruuskanen, a Helsinki-based street artist, community educator and illustrator. Essi paints both in G-Rex- and Street Art Vantaa -collectives and is one of the founders of Helsinki Urban Art. She often creates street art pieces together with the residents and together develop city's surroundings in a way that will make them inspiring, exciting and joyful.

On Friday we will discuss how urban/street art can support creation of horizontal, inclusive, participatory social structures.

All welcome! There will be some cake and tea too.


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jonald dunn says....
February 10, 2017 18:06

sorry i couldn't come after all. babysitting. but i still like the idea and would come to the next one. jon

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