7 Jan 2017 16:00 — 18:00 // Custom pinhole cameras //
Experiment #1.18.1: Custom pinhole cameras
4 people participated, earning 60Ŧ.
Scheduled from proposal: Custom pinhole cameras #2 with 70Ŧ
Supported by: hyksos (40), Henna_Bauhaus (Kata_Meister) (20), Harriet (10)
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This is a workshop for experienced and first-timers in pinhole photography. During the workshop we will be making each a pinhole camera using basic tools, such as match boxes, etc. Bring along some 35mm film and come! I have done this quite a few times, so I would find it also interesting sharing my experience and hearing from others too, to develop our skills and get some new tips.  If you have experience, it would be cool to see some older pictures you have made.

I will be providing basic materials for the workshop, but if you want to add some super custom stuff, then bring it along. I might bring a few extra film rolls with me, but grab your own too, as it might not be enough for everyone.

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