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aamutek uh lashtek: movement and language

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Antibody Corporation (Adam Rose and April Lynn, Chicago, USA), in collaboration with Liisa Kruusmägi (Estonia), would like to share a performance and workshop of music/movement and constructed language development.

Join us in developing our constructed language, known as Lashtek. 
Lashtek currently has a vocabulary of around 700 words. 
It has its own alphabet and phonemic system; a VOS (verb-object-subject) grammar; a degree of grammatical evidentiality; and other features in progress. 
You can help us invent new words, work with the grammar, create poetry, create visual art using the alphabet, and more.

Before the workshop, we will share a performance that uses Lashtek, music, and movement.

Info about Antibody: 
Antibody Corporation specializes in mind-body integration. Antibody creates performance works incorporating music, movement, and languages both real and invented. 

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