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Antibody Corporation (Adam Rose and April Lynn, Chicago, USA), in collaboration with Liisa Kruusmägi (Estonia), would like to share a performance and workshop of music/movement and constructed language development.

Join us in developing our constructed language, known as Lashtek. 
Lashtek currently has a vocabulary of around 700 words. 
It has its own alphabet and phonemic system; a VOS (verb-object-subject) grammar; a degree of grammatical evidentiality; and other features in progress. 
You can help us invent new words, work with the grammar, create poetry, create visual art using the alphabet, and more.

This is a workshop open to anyone interested in this system. It will be followed by a public performance at 19:00. Please register below if you would like to participate in this workshop.

Info about Antibody: 
Antibody Corporation specializes in mind-body integration. Antibody creates performance works incorporating music, movement, and languages both real and invented. 

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