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Ehdotus: recycling spaces with permaculture design

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Recycling Spaces with Permaculture Design session #1
Tapahtui aiemmin: 9 huhti 2017 13:00 — 16:00

Recycling Spaces with Permaculture Design session #2
Tapahtui aiemmin: 16 huhti 2017 13:00 — 16:00

Temporary is closing on 1 September 2017. No further experiments will be scheduled, though you can still pledge Temps as supported experiments may form a starting programme for the post-Temporary project.


The idea is simple. All participants bring plans, drawings, photos, or even a 3-d model of spaces they would like to renovate. Then together we will design the renovation according to permaculture principles and hopefully realize it too! I will continue to elaborate on the workshop, adding on details according to what you, the potential participants ask about. The space in need of renovation could be as small as your closet or as large as the planet earth.

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to empower people to change dysfunctional spaces into spaces that care for people, the environment, and opens them up to sharing the abundance they have to offer after being renovated.


april 2017. 4 x 4 hour sessions, once a week.

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anyone with interest in renovating a space


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