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9 Apr 2017 13:00 — 16:00 // Recycling Spaces with Permaculture Design //
Experiment #1.33.1: Recycling Spaces with Permaculture Design session #1

The idea is simple. All participants bring plans, drawings, photos, or even a 3D model of spaces they would like to renovate. Then together we will design the renovation according to permaculture principles and hopefully realize it too! I will continue to elaborate on the workshop, adding on details according to what you, the potential participants ask about. The space in need of renovation could be as small as your closet or as large as the planet earth.

The goal is to empower people to change dysfunctional spaces into spaces that care for people and the environment; this opens them up to sharing the abundance they have to offer after being renovated.

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This experiment has 3 comments.
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mactwyver says....
April 07, 2017 18:22

I will be there, but somehow the register! link does not work

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jonald dunn says....
April 15, 2017 19:39

ok, so far you are the only one but maybe some people will spontaneously drop in. see you

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jonald dunn says....
April 15, 2017 19:44

no i made a mistake. andrea gilly is also registered and now i understand that you tried to register but it didn't work. that's no problem. come as you are. then there will be 3 of us.

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