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20 May 2017 12:00 — 20:00 // Worldwide March to Close All Slaughterhouses //
Experiment #1.44.1: Preparation & Rehearsal Workshop for the Worldwide March to Close All Slaughterhouses
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The helsinki version of the world-wide march to close all slaughterhouses is on saturday june 10th. See helsinki march to close all slaughterhouses in facebook and www.mctas.org for the world-wide march site. We will do a presentation and q&a on the theme, then brainstorm on actions, banners, shirts, buttons, speeches, paroles, etc., and then rehearse and create. Everyone is welcome.

Goals: ultimately to close all slaughterhouses. and actually to inform people about the injustice and horror of slaughter and organize public cultural expressions against it and for kindness and compassion toward all earthlings.

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