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Temporary operated for one year, from September 2016-2017.

Experiment #1.55:
Temporary Services

Medium temporary services

'Temporary Services' is a monthly, day long event where members of the Temporary community can open up the space to offer their variety of skills. Services will be exchanged for money which will go towards making Temporary a sustainable space with no need for outside funding.

Participants should volunteer their time and skills, as much as possible, to offering a service at the space with a defined cost and also promoting the event within their network. Services can be according to whatever skills participants have, which could be (but are not limited to): meals, massage, haircuts, repair, fortune telling, nail treatments, tattooing, psychoanalysis, private lessons/tutoring, caricatures, proofreading and more.

The goal of this experiment is to create a pool of skills(amateur/expert) among people who frequent Temporary which can be volunteered for the space in order to test out an alternative format for funding Temporary outside of institutional sources.

Temporary Services: current experiment status

2 meetings / 100% to next meeting (#3)

81Ŧ needed to schedule next meeting (#3)
81Ŧ currently pledged

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2 meetings scheduled. 5 people have checked in (5 distinct people), and 1 guest ticket.

Original proposal: Temporary Services / Justin Tyler Tate

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Ava Grayson says....
May 24, 2017 17:31

I'm making a Facebook event for this, if you want to join in on there you are all welcome to, but no pressure!


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