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18 May 2017 18:00 — 20:00 // TABOO: the discussion group //
Experiment #1.48.1: TABOO: the discussion group #1
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A monthly or twice-monthly discussion group that meets to open-mindedly talk about topics that are regarded with shame, disgust, or a high degree of discomfort in our society.

Some questions we could explore:

  • What is the validity/invalidity of considering certain acts or thoughts taboo? 
  • What is the source of a certain taboo? Religion? Hygiene? Something else? 
  • What could be taboo in the future? 
  • What possible futures could exist without deeming certain things taboo?

***I expect that discussions will range from mild and anthropological to downright uncomfortable, so it's important that everyone wanting to participate be open-minded and respectful toward each other.


  • To provide each participant a chance to compare their own ideas of cultural and individual taboos 
  • To reconsider our individual knowledge, beliefs, and preferences in regards to taboo topics through researching and talking during these sessions 
  • To take the time to consider opinions that we may initially find weird, gross, etc.
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Anders Jani Purhonen (Steikki) says....
June 09, 2017 21:20

love this but will be in a car

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Ava Grayson says....
June 15, 2017 10:05

Anders Jani Purhonen (Steikki): Next time! Until then, have fun in a car!

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