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Temporary operated for one year, from September 2016-2017.
7 Aug 2017 17:00 — 19:00 // Experiment // cancelled
Experiment #1.59.1: Research Gathering, Aalto, Department of Art

This experiment has been cancelled.

Check back soon for information on when/if it will be rescheduled.

Scheduled from proposal: Research Gathering, Aalto, Department of Art with 100Ŧ
Supported by: violetpiascik (65), Agnes Pockels (agnes_pockels) (35)
Sea monster

A research gathering of Doctoral Students from the Department of Art, Aalto University.

It is a second meeting of the Research Gathering series, which this time will be held in Temporary. 
During the Research Gathering Taneli Luotoniemi will be presenting his research on "The interlacing of the artistic and the mathematical in constructive knot ornamentation".


  • to share and discuss ongoing work (questions/doubts/challenges) amongst friends/peers and special invitees who can give comments, 
  • to exchange experiences/knowings in our field (conferences; possible collaborators; calls etc...).
Research Gathering, Aalto, Department of Art: current experiment status

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