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29 Mar 2017 17:30 — 19:30 // Experiment //
Experiment #1.35: Quiet morsels: a meal meditation
Scheduled from proposal: Quiet morsels: a meal meditation with 70Ŧ
Medium molecular gastronomy the food of the future 2

Eating is a necessity, and therefore often becomes mechanical. Often the thoughts we give to it are about convenience or nutrition.

What if we slowed down our eating substantially, paying attention to not only each sensation, but also imaging the path that each ingredient has taken to reach our plates and mouths? What if we treated a meal as something very serious, private, and special, even just once?

Each participant arrives to a quiet atmosphere. Everyone brings a modest portion of a food (or beverage) they would like to explore. This will be divided into small portions for everyone to share. We spend some time preparing or plating what we bring. We organise our individual plate and sit down to share a silent meal together, focussing as intently as we can on the food in front of us and eating as slowly as we can.

***Allergies and food restrictions need to be taken into consideration, so please write the list of ingredients that can be left with the items you bring. Nothing puts a damper on a nice meal like sending someone into anaphylactic shock or accidentally making someone un-vegan. Thanks!

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