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19 kesä 2018 19:00 — 22:00 // kokeilu //
kokeilu #1: Let's talk about sound art and experimental music

Helsinki-based sound art and experimental music association Äänen Lumo will host an open discussion concentrating on some current issues of its field(s). Mind you, the discussion is geared towards issues of particularly practical nature.

Some underlying and from time to time surfacing themes 'in the scene' have been:
a) lack/want/problems of collaboration between different operators
b) intersectionality
c) lack of spaces/resources/money
d) development of communication methods between operators

In fact to rephrase, I would also like to ask: are these the issues that need to be discussed? Or: are there more pressing issues that need to be discussed? Or: are there any issues whatsoever?

If you associate yourself as someone who is connected to these activities and feels these subjects are of interest, please join the discussion!

More info soon, maybe.

Lauri Hyvärinen / Äänen Lumo

Let's talk about sound art and experimental music: current experiment status

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