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Experiment #1.41:
Electromechanic Anatomies

'Electromechanic Anatomies' is a open lab-space which pushes participants to let their curiosity, imagination and ingenuity run wild through the process of dissecting appliances, electronics, toys and other objects in an attempt to make them better, modify their function or to make them more personalized. Through hardware hacking we can discover how things work, what they're made of and how anything can be hacked. During 'Electromechanic Anatomies' we will discuss what we aim to achieve and how we can achieve them using tools such as soldering irons, screwdrivers, drills, saws, knives, hammers and other things in trying to modify the functionality of our hardware.

Please bring something you have from home which is obsolete, something which you want to improve upon, and/or something you want to take apart. If you have more than one of object which falls under the previously mentioned criteria, please bring it to share or donate to another workshop participant. Participants of all ages and skill levels are welcome at 'Electromechanic Anatomies'. Some objects for dissection will be provided.

By hacking unwanted or nonfunctional objects and combining them with others, transforming, improving, or modifying them, 'Electromechanic Anatomies' looks to encourage utilization of what is present in our lives through a Frankensteinian approach to creation.

This experiment attempts to encourage utilization of what is present in our lives but no longer wanted in its current state through the transformation, improvement, or modification of such items.

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