25 Apr 2017 11:00 — 15:00 // Experiment //
Experiment #1.34.1: Culture Exchange (Blood Donation) #1
You will earn 15Ŧ for participating!
Scheduled from proposal: Culture Exchange with 70Ŧ
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Blood, it's in you to give.

Let's meet at Temporary for the purpose of creating a dialogue about social responsibility by going, as a group, to give blood. We will walk together to the blood collection clinic (Veripalvelu, Helsinki, Sanomatalo) to collectively donate. Afterwards, we can reflect on the process we just went through and its consequences while we have a snack.

Please check the following website to see if you are eligable to donate: https://www.bloodservice.fi/blood-donation/donate-blood/can-you-donate

If you are committed to coming, please RSVP to this event so that I can try to make a group appointment at Veripalvelu.


  • Every unit of donated blood can save up to 3 lives. 
  • After donating a unit of whole blood, the average person will replenish the lost VOLUME within 24-48 hours (depending on rate of post-donation fluid intake), but it takes around eight weeks for the donor's body to replenish all of the formed elements (erythrocytes, leukocytes, and platelets) lost during donation. 
  • When you donate blood, they test your blood to determine your blood type as well as checking for a variety of infections (Syphilis, Hepatitis B, HIV, Hepatitis C & Human T-lymphotropic virus). If they find something in your blood, they will contact you about it.

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