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Ehdotus: Different Soundtracks

Ehdottanut Lauri Hyvärinen

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Temporary is closing on 1 September 2017. No further experiments will be scheduled, though you can still pledge Temps as supported experiments may form a starting programme for the post-Temporary project.


Different Soundtracks is an attempt to create, well, different soundtracks to existing movies (or movie scenes). The movie selection will be unusual and eclectic and will be compiled by John Fail and Lauri Hyvärinen secretly beforehand.

The selection of players/sound makers can be 'curated' or spontaneous – or both. It could also feature performers from other fields such as poetry or movement.

Everyone does not need to participate in creating soundtracks, but can join as a member of audience too.

This could be a semi-regularly continuing experiment. In this situation the following events can take different forms, e.g. changing curators, not curated players, etc.


1) to bring together different sound makers and performers

2) to try different approaches to live soundtrack making, hopefully in unexpected ways, contexts and settings

3) to have fun

4) enjoyable and fun for an audience too


First time somewhere between September 1-7

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