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Proposal: Discussion: SOLU

Proposed by Erich Berger

100Ŧ pledged by: Erich Berger, Piritta Puhto, hyksos

2 meetings took place:
Discussion - SOLU
already happened: 7 Jun 2017 17:00 — 21:00

A Series of Copper-Kimchi(김치) / Cu(I)O/C 6H10CuO6 Portraits in the Bio-Commons Landscape
already happened: 29 — 31 Aug 2017

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The Bioartsociety invites everybody to come and discuss the plans for SOLU - a platform and artistic laboratory for art, science and society. Since its launch in 2008 the Bioartsociety has continuously worked to develop artistic practices at the intersection of art and natural sciences with a strong environmental research angle. The current size and infrastructure of the Bioartsociety is too small to answer to the increasing interests and opportunities in the field of art&science. To develop the current potential of the field the Bioartsociety aims to establish SOLU.
SOLU is a catalyst and incubator for the development of interdisciplinary art practices. SOLU encourages work on the intersection of art, science and society to leave its comfort zones, to push the boundaries and cross borders to become what we can’t possibly know. SOLU seeks the frontiers of art and extends the practices of artists engaging with scientific processes, facilities and technologies in order to participate in and reveal and illuminate the social, political and cultural contexts that brought them into being. SOLU offers opportunities and visibility to the work of professionals, it allows to make better use of already established program of the Bioartsociety, it allows the development of new formats and initiatives, and it enables the involvement of local, Nordic/Baltic and international partners for collaborations and exchanges.

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* To introduce the SOLU project
* To get the community (individuals and partner organisations) involved in the development of SOLU
* To get feedback from the community about
- what SOLU should become
- what SOLU should offer in terms of infrastructure, programs and opportunities
- how to be involved


7.6.2017 17-20h

How often will this happend?:
Happens only once
Intended participants:

artists, scientists, practitioners and others (robots, mushrooms, protocells etc.), as well as organisations interested in art&science


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