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2 huhti 2017 11:00 — 18:00 // kokeilu //
kokeilu #1.39: Workshop Potluck (WoPo)

We all have a myriad of skills at our disposal but unfortunately we do not all possess the same skills.

WOrkshop POtluck (WoPo) looks to reformat the idea and structure of a workshop from being a hierarchical model into a dialogical system of learning where each participant acts as both teacher and student. After participants have been registered, a workshop schedule will be made so that each participant is given a necessary amount of time to teach their proposed aptitude. During the WoPo session, all participants should have a chance to try out each task as well as teaching something. Through this peer-to-peer exchange structure, individuals will (hopefully) walk away from WoPo with an array of new skills at hand. In addition to teaching each other, WoPo will also look to expand our pedagogical reach by documenting each process taught during the workshop and, in the days following the event, assembling those materials into a PDF zine which will be redistributed to the participants for future reference and also available publically on the internet

Participants are asked to register in advance here and bring all of the materials that will be necessary for their teaching, learning and experimenting with their topic.

Through the registration form, please make a list of tools that will be required for your task and they, or an alternative, will be arranged by the WOrkshop POtluck facilitator.

Workshop Potluck (WoPo): current experiment status

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