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7 Jul 2017 18:00 — 20:00 // Experiment //
Experiment #1.58.1: Gavvamo
Scheduled from proposal: Gavvamo with 100Ŧ

I want to create a whole new language together with you, this language we create may have influences of already existing words from languages from different parts of the world. The most interesting is to arrive at a common agreement on words and to build from there. By the end of the experiment I would like to arrive at at least 100 words vocabulary.


  • Through creating a new language we try to understand how our brains comprehend verbal or word-based information. 
  • To enjoy our own sense of association to words and what else they could mean. 
  • To understand the priority of our Vocabulary, what words we learn, create first. 
  • To actually learn this language and to practice it with the peers from the workshop. 
  • To maybe take this new language and words we create into the other commonly spoken languages, and to see how fast or slow these words conquer.
Gavvamo: current experiment status

This experiment is not active.

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