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21 — 22 huhti 2017 // kokeilu //
kokeilu #1.42.1: Campout
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'Campout' is an experiment looking to self-reflectively question what we think of as environment as well as how we define artificial through the re-creation of a camp-site. The Temporary space will be momentarily transformed into an ersatz camp-ground as participants explore ideal and nostalgic camping activities such as sitting in front of a fire (an digital one), telling ghost stories, making s'mores and sleeping under the stars. The activities and the space, though their artificiality, are deliberately absurd and thereby challenge all of our real "outdoor" experiences; questioning how much of it was actual nature and how much was fabricated experience.

Participants are asked to bring a sleeping bag and mat, if they desire to stay for the duration of the experiment.

Campout: current experiment status

This experiment is not active.

There has been no activity towards this experiment during the past melkein 5 vuotta. The experiment is assumed to be completed or abandoned.

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Ven Marella sanoo....
19. huhtikuuta 2017 15.46

I would like to know some more practicalities of this event.

1. Apart from bed bag, is there anything that I need to bring?

2. Which place are we going to?

3. When are we going to leave and when we return?

4. Do we need to bring some food?



Box tomaselli starling 2010 jcg4694
hyksos sanoo....
19. huhtikuuta 2017 15.51

If I understand Justin Tyler Tate correctly I think we are going to camp in Temporary, not anywhere else....which should answer all your other questions? :)

User missing
Ven Marella sanoo....
19. huhtikuuta 2017 15.55

That's awesome. I was thinking about typical American Camping. But, is it tomorrow night?

Box tomaselli starling 2010 jcg4694
hyksos sanoo....
20. huhtikuuta 2017 16.20

Ven Marella yep yep yep!

Box quendi   helsinki
stevemaherart sanoo....
21. huhtikuuta 2017 13.46

Is it alright if I hang out a bit tonight and then go home to sleep?

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