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17 Feb 2017 15:00 — 20:00 // Experiment //
Experiment #1.29.1: Aura Readings and Psychic Haircuts
Scheduled from proposal: Aura Reading and Psychic Haircuts with 70Ŧ
Supported by: Agnieszka Pokrywka (agnes_pockels) (30), hyksos (40)
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Eero Dinero, aka, Ernest Truely, aka Ernie offers haircuts and styles based on your aura. 
Stick and poke tattoos also available. Just pop in, or or schedule appointments via erniespopuospa@gmail.com.

We request that you pay 20€ for the haircut and aura reading (with a 50% discount for new immigrants and poets). However, you will also receive 15Ŧ for participating.

This experiment explores trust, touch, intimacy and transformation as ways of knowing the best possible haircut for you at that moment.

Aura Readings and Psychic Haircuts: current experiment status

This experiment is not active.

There has been no activity towards this experiment during the past almost 5 years. The experiment is assumed to be completed or abandoned.

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