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Temporary operated for one year, from September 2016-2017.
02.09.2016 // News //
Temporary is open!
Dancing juan

We're pleased to announce that Temporary is now live and online. This website will come together over the weekend with more information and the missing pieces filled in. In the meantime,  you can create your account now (with Facebook or Twitter sign-in - we will add Google sign-in + old-school username and password registration soon, probably tonight) and start proposing experiments!


Open Days began today and will continue indefinitely. The current schedule for Open Days is 10 AM to 16:30 on Mondays and Wednesday through Friday; Tuesday is our late night (and weekly dance party administrative meeting) taking place from 14:30 - 21:00.


We're hoping to see and meet lots of faces over the next few weeks. Let's see where this goes!